iHealth PC Application - Help Topic

This page contains help information related to the iHealth PC application. In order to use the application, you must download it, install it and configure user details. All steps must be done in this order, otherwise you may end up with the wrong information when you upload your measurements. The iHealth PC application allows for use by multiple users. Make sure you are logged in with the right username before uploading your data.

Downloading and Installing iHealth

Log into Online Health Portfolio and go to the Downloads Software link on the main page, and click "Download" to obtain the iHealth application for PC (Windows). You will be prompted with the following window:

Press the Save File button and save the file on your desktop. Once the file is saved, double-click the file on your desktop. You will be prompted with the following window.

Press the Run button. This starts the installation program. A dialog as shown here will be displayed, click "Install" to complete the installation.

The installation progress will be displayed, and will close when complete.

Once installed, the application will run automatically whenever you restart your computer, and will be available from the Windows "System Tray" (at the bottom right of your window). It will automatically open when a device is plugged in. To view application and device details, click the icon, or right click and choose the appropriate option:

Connecting Devices and Uploading Measurements

To connect a new device you need to make sure that your device is turned on and conected to your PC. All ACCU-CHEK ® glucometers (except for Advantage) need to be in PC mode, please check your device manual to see how to do that. If you're using an Infra-red device, make sure it is about 10 cm away from the Infra-red receiver.

When you connect your device to the PC for the first time, Windows should automatically install the required software. On completion, the iHealth application will see the new device and if you haven't already logged in previously, it will ask you to provide your username and password:

Enter the same username and password you use to login the system on the web, and click "Login". All new readings will be downloaded off the device, and you will be advised of the result:

Now you can press the "Upload" button to upload all the readings that have been downloaded to the Online Health Portfolio website. On completion, click the link to the taken to the website to review data:

Adding a New User

Each device that you use with the application is associated with the defined user. If multiple devices are used, the system will remember which user a given device contained measurements for. In order to change the user that a device is associated with, Click "Change" in the following dialog, and enter the new user's details:

The application will show this new user, and you can now Upload to the website in the same way as previously:

More Help?

If you're still having problems please let us know and we will help you solve any problems with iHealth.