About Online Health Portfolio

Online Health Portfolio is an online service that allows you to record and monitor your health in a secure, convenient and accessible manner. Using our service you will be empowered to record all aspects of your health, share them with your doctor, coach or family members as you see fit and look at your trends to improve your health.

Whether you're managing disease or wanting to stay fit and healthy, the Online Health Portfolio provides you with the tools you need to upload your information through your PC or mobile phone, get email and sms reminders or alerts when you need them, and monitor the health of people you care for.

The service is ideal for people with chronic disease like Diabetes or CVD, people who want to stay fit and monitor their workout and nutrition information, or families who want to store their records in a safe place. The information is yours, you choose who sees it.

Online Health Portfolio is powered and operated by Elevate Technologies PTY LTD in Melbourne, Australia.