I really enjoy using this service to manage my Gestational Diabetes. I used to keep a diary of my Glucose measurements and bring it with me to my Diabetes Educator. Now We're both using this service and it takes me a few seconds to upload all my measurements automatically from my glucometer so that my educator can see it immediately without me being there and without spending time documenting my measurements in any other form. It's too easy!

Sam, Melbourne

After a few months signing up to the trial "Online health Portfolio" I found it to be a great program to have. It keeps track of your health by reminding you when to take medication through email and mobile phone sms reminders and your wellbeing through keeping track of what you eat and how much you have exercise. It also helps keeps track of your medical records which is convenience for yourself and your doctor. Also it provided me with some inspiration to keep healthy. I would recommend using this program!